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Primary care physicians undergo rigorous training to ensure they are qualified and equipped to diagnose, manage and treat various health conditions. After completing their doctorate of medicine, some physicians continue their education and become board-certified in subspecialties such as pediatrics, family medicine, internal medicine and hospitalist services. 

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First Docs is proud to provide the nation’s leading health care facilities with personalized hospitalist staffing services. First Docs hospitalists care for hospitalized patients, providing and coordinating care based on the patient’s unique needs. Our physicians stay current with the latest therapeutic and diagnostic innovations to offer world-class, individualized health care services in a hospital setting. 

Learn what a hospitalist is and how valuable personalized hospitalist services can be to facilities across the country.

What Is a Hospitalist and Why Do You Need One?

A hospitalist is a medical doctor who is board-certified in hospital medicine — a branch of internal medicine — and provides efficient, high-quality general medical care for hospital patients with diverse needs. Hospitalists closely monitor patients to ensure they receive appropriate, attentive and caring medical treatment during their hospital stay. 

Because hospitalists are familiar with a range of specialties, they can provide various services across disciplines, including examining patients, ordering, evaluating and following up on labs, X-rays and test results, and prescribing medications and treatment plans.

Hospitals require a unique combination of synergism and teamwork to offer patients the best possible care and enable them to live their best lives. Hospitalists collaborate with other hospital physicians and health care providers to provide personalized, holistic, patient-forward care and treatment plans. 

As a result, hospitals can offer a better quality of care, and patients benefit from personal attention and a 24/7 physician presence. 

The Value and Benefit of Hospitalists for Health Care Facilities 

First Docs’ hospitalists collaborate with hospitals to establish strong, jointly managed physician teams that place the patient at the center of care. In addition to providing improved patient-focused care, there are many benefits to adding hospitalists to a medical facility’s team. In particular, hospitalists help patients and medical institutions by: 

  • Reducing the length of a patient’s hospital stay.
  • Improving patient access to diagnostic and therapeutic innovations.
  • Enhancing patient wellness and safety.
  • Mitigating the risk of preventable patient mortality. 
  • Improving care efficiency and continuity across disciplines.

Overall, hospitalists improve the patient hospital experience, which results in enhanced patient health and quality of life.

What Is a Hospitalist Program?

A hospitalist program refers to the coordination of care between hospitals and hospitalists. Because these medical professionals play a pivotal role in improving patient safety and enhancing care quality, the hospitalist sector has become a growing field, and programs continue to pop up across the county. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported approximately 44,000 practicing hospitalists in the United States. That number will continue growing as more hospitalist programs emerge and the demand for these services rises. 

Choose First Docs for Hospitalist Staffing Services

If your health care facility requires hospitalist services from experienced physicians with a focus on personalized care, contact the First Docs team. Our physicians provide world-class hospitalist services for diverse patient needs and diagnoses. We evaluate and treat patients of all ages and stages of life. It’s our mission to provide patients with better access to the latest therapeutic and diagnostic innovations and ensure the best possible patient safety and health outcomes during their hospital visits.


Contact us online or call 215-987-4772 today to learn more about our hospitalist services in Bucks County and Mercer County or speak with a provider about scheduling a consultation.