Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are responsible for a complex patient population. You want to give your patients the best care to improve health outcomes and reduce hospitalizations. The challenge? Many physicians are burnt out and unavailable. Your patients deserve focused and empathetic care, but you can’t find it with just any doc. You need First Docs. 


As a leading internal medicine practice, our physicians partner with your center to bring dedicated leadership and compassionate care to your patients.

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What We Do

Your SNF continues to confront poor care outcomes, limited engagement with patients, and overworked physicians who don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to your practice. First Docs changes the way you run your SNF as an internal medicine physician practice. We provide a committed physician for your SNF to help you solve these major challenges.


Improve Care Outcomes

Many doctors are exhausted and overbooked, leading to care that just scratches the surface. The result: your patients spend more time at your health center, undergo longer and more frequent hospitalizations, and experience worsened conditions. A dedicated physician is a necessity to improve care outcomes.

First Docs is a team of committed internal medicine physicians who change the way you deliver care. Our doctors don’t believe in the disinterested hospitalist rotations that are commonplace in SNFs. They are true extensions of your team that apply their expertise and SNF-focused training to every patient. With our attending physicians, you see tangible improvements to clinical outcomes. 

Our physicians work alongside your SNF’s clinical staff and patients’ families to maximize positive care outcomes and reduce hospitalizations. Our doctors build relationships with your patients and residents while actively caring for their advanced health needs. With this focused and dedicated level of care, you run a better practice.


Provide Compassionate and Engaged Care

Positive patient experiences are major players in compassionate care. Unfortunately, most physicians are too busy to connect. Your patients feel neglected. Your doctors feel detached. Quality of care suffers.

Our physicians are on-site five to seven days a week to lead meaningful interactions with every patient, collaborate with staff, and determine the best approach to acute care. Our focus on providing quality care at fewer centers allows our physicians to go above and beyond with care initiatives. Actively managing patients’ conditions also supports a value-based care model, driving revenue while improving the patient experience. Our physicians diagnose early and act sooner, ultimately reducing medical complications and care costs. 


Lead Change With Medical Directorship

Medical directors play an essential role in healthcare centers, but many lack the dedication needed to do the job well. The result is that your SNF lacks collaboration and best care practices to meet your patients’ care demands. 

As your medical director, one of our physicians will approve CMS protocols, facilitate communication among your staff, chair QAPI meetings, and apply best clinical practices to optimize how your SNF is run. Our medical directors are empathetic and engaged to build a stronger, more collaborative team at your center that has the shared goal of improving care outcomes.

The Benefits of First Docs

First Docs is committed to providing dedicated, experienced attending physicians for today’s SNFs. Partner with our team and experience benefits like:

  • Value-based care objectives
  • Collaboration with specialty physicians for more focused care
  • Care coordination services after acute and post-acute discharge
  • Enhanced quality measures for monitoring performance
  • Ongoing staff education and competency training
  • Medication review, pharmacy collaboration, and polypharmacy reduction

Your success is our success. Collaborate with us today.

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Partner with First Docs to make your care teams more engaged, collaborative, and focused. Our attending physicians bring influential leadership to your SNF to drive positive care outcomes and help patients feel understood. Embrace the value-based care model and help patients transition into post-acute care with First Docs.

Contact us today to learn more about our service model and how we can support your center’s success.