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Our primary care program for assisted living communities offers the medical expertise required to improve the quality of care, drive better outcomes, and increase resident satisfaction. Get ahead of resident care in your community and support care needs as they change with First Docs.

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Common Healthcare Staffing Challenges

By addressing these and other staffing challenges, First Docs can ensure that our healthcare partners have the staff and resources they need to provide high-quality care to their patients.

Shortage of Healthcare Professionals
In recent years there has been a shortage of healthcare professionals which can make it difficult for organizations to find and hire qualified staff.

High Turnover
Healthcare organizations may experience high levels of staff turnover, which can be disruptive and costly, and can also make it difficult to maintain a consistent level of care for patients.

Healthcare professionals, particularly nurses and physicians, may experience high levels of stress and burnout due to the demands of their work, which can lead to staff shortages and other staffing challenges.

Increasing Patient Acuity
As the population ages and more individuals have multiple chronic conditions, the demand for healthcare services is increasing, leading to increased workload and staffing challenges.

How Is First Docs Different?

Expert Physicians Who Care

Dr. Sanjay Bhatia, MD, FHM, CDIP established First Docs to provide better care for the vulnerable, medically complex population across the healthcare continuum. Our physicians bring hospitalist training and expertise to practice settings that are truly lacking physician presence, collaboration, and leadership. This physician-led model is vital to achieving the best outcomes and patient experience, when the healthcare system needs it most. We work collaboratively with hospital and rehabilitation center staff, patients and families to maximize outcomes and enhance the patient care experience — and ultimately to get patients back to the lives they love.  

Proactive Internal Medicine & Primary Care

Too many primary care physicians get by doing the bare minimum. First Docs Physicians can be on site up to 5 to 7 days a week. That quality physician presence leads to more time to collaborate with staff, more meaningful interactions with our patients and families, and implementing best practices for treatment plans and outcomes. You and your patients deserve physicians who want to provide compassionate, world class and personally customized care. By focusing on quality presence at fewer centers in Bucks County and Mercer County, our physicians have the time to go above and beyond. That commitment helps the center better diagnose and treat a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions in-house, reducing costs, medical complications, and hospitalizations. Our dedicated team of post-acute care providers even extends to 24/7 call coverage by physicians via telemedicine.

Engaged Medical Directors

You don’t need another doctor simply collecting a check. The role of Medical Director in the skilled nursing setting is a critical one. It requires specialized physician knowledge, training, and experience – a leader and team player who can effectively balance patient care and operational success. We provide medical director services to our healthcare partners throughout the care continuum, including acute inpatient, skilled nursing, and senior living communities. Our Medical Directors work with and for the interdisciplinary team to streamline processes utilizing clinical best practices and chair QAPI meetings to drive quality improvement initiatives. Medical Directors provide ongoing education and training with staff to ensure comfort and confidence managing an increasingly complex patient population.

Partner With First Docs

We’re committed to being your partner of choice, providing leadership, consistent and quality care, improving patient outcomes and reducing hospital readmissions.