Internal Medicine Careers

Building your ideal internal medicine career comes with challenges. Many physicians are stuck in jobs with exhausting hours, unreasonable administrative burdens, unrealistic patient workloads and more – all limiting their ability to drive positive outcomes for their patients. Physicians feel forced to focus on quantity over quality, all while payments remain unpredictable, reimbursements are decreasing, and salaries aren’t growing.

Physicians are leaving traditional “jobs” in clinical practice to carve out “careers” where they can connect with their patients, improve the quality of care for healthcare systems, and find the right balance to enjoy their own lives.

Dr Sanjay Bhatia saw those opportunities were few and far between, which is why he started First Docs – the destination workplace for internal medicine physicians.

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First Docs Physician Careers

Working for First Docs is unlike traditional physician employment working for big health systems. Many physicians find themselves stretched too thin. You might feel disengaged and disconnected from your patients, and this may affect your ability to provide the best care for your patients. You might have become a physician to make a difference in people’s lives, but our current healthcare system makes that challenging.

Working At First Docs

First Docs empowers physicians to have the freedom and flexibility to focus on what matters – treating patients. Our care model is more focused, so you have the time to dedicate your skills to a small set of patients. As a result, you build relationships with the people you care for, and you get to see the positive outcomes. Reduce hospitalizations, connect with your patients and help people return to their lives.

We’re a destination workplace because, here, you can see the difference you make. Your patients are in good hands, and you can feel excited to go to work. If traditional healthcare practices have left much to be desired, join the First Docs team.

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Working At First Docs

We focus our services in the areas that most often lack engaged, dedicated physicians — skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), senior living centers and hospitals. Our work in these practices allows you to support patients in many different categories. Grow your skills as a physician, and contribute to beneficial change for these organizations.

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Benefits of Joining Our Team

Highly competitive independent contractor and W2 positions with benefits

Full-time compensation ranging from $350-$600k and beyond

Comprehensive administrative services

Growth opportunities in regional leadership

Private practice model designed for flexibility and autonomy

Discover Medical Director Careers

We partner with facilities that lack physician presence and the leadership they need to function. As a First Docs physician, you’ll act as an attending physician and a medical director. This role involves:

Coordinating care among healthcare professionals

Medical directors are key players in improving clinical outcomes. In this role, you can enact real change in the healthcare space. With ongoing education and competency training, we prepare you for this role so you can handle it confidently.

Facilitating communication in the practice

You’ll work alongside nurses, therapists, social workers, and other specialists to develop comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs. This collaborative approach fosters a rich learning environment, enhances patient care outcomes, and encourages professional growth.

Updating protocol to align with regulations

We believe in a patient-centered approach that goes beyond treating symptoms and prioritizes each patient as an individual with unique needs, stories, and aspirations.

Finding ways to improve care outcomes across the board

A dedicated physician is a necessity to improve care outcomes. First Docs is a team of committed internal medicine physicians who change the way facilities deliver care. With First Docs, you have the opportunity to follow patients through every stage of their recovery and make a lasting impact.

Learn More About Our Physician Jobs

Your work can have an incredible impact on people’s lives. Make a difference in healthcare with First Docs. We’re actively recruiting to bring our physician-focused care model to more facilities. Apply to First Docs today, or get in touch with us to learn more about what we do.

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