Assisted Living Communities

Our primary care program for assisted living communities offers the medical expertise required to improve the quality of care, drive better outcomes, and increase resident satisfaction. Get ahead of resident care in your community and support care needs as they change with First Docs.

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How It Works

Intake and Initial Visit

Our intake team ensures we have all the necessary resident information to care for them. We schedule initial visits with new residents and keep your staff and the resident and/or family members informed about the upcoming appointment.

Onboarding and Enrollment

First Docs strengthens your backend processes with streamlined onboarding that introduces your staff and residents to our physicians. Once onboarded, we can enroll new residents as necessary to account for everyone in your community.

Ongoing care

When our physicians understand what a resident needs, they draft a summary of care for the resident and describe the care plan for your staff. Our physicians will schedule follow-up appointments as needed to keep up with care requirements.

Program Benefits

Our primary care program:

Improves Care Coordination
With our team establishing clear communication with your team, residents receive the care they need. This improved coordination affects all aspects of care, from resident enrollment to medication orders and home care.

Personalizes Care Plans
Our assisted living physicians specialize in geriatric care to create personalized plans based on your residents’ goals and their families’ values.

Increases Resident Satisfaction
Our communication creates unified care plans with your staff that keep residents and their families included in all directives. This process increases engagement and leaves residents more satisfied with the quality of care.

Manages Health Proactively
Primary care within your community allows you to effectively monitor resident care needs and respond to health requirements before major health issues arise. Enhanced care coordination also improves care outcomes for a better quality of life within your assisted living community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we’ll work with your community to determine the best schedule for your coverage needs. Typically, our Primary Care Physicians will be on site 1-2 days per week based on your resident census. We’ll also establish set days of the week for these visits.

Yes. Our physicians are able to meet with residents over secure video chat if that’s more accessible to them.

Our physicians rely on an electronic health record (EHR) to track resident visits and health information. This platform also keeps our physicians connected to your staff for improved care coordination.

Improve Quality of Care With First Docs

Introduce a dedicated Primary Care Physician to your assisted living community and support your residents across the continuum of care. Contact us today to get started.

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